Welcome to the
Cracovia Arabians

"... Who mounted a horse, mounted the wind ..."

Horseriding is not only an extraordinary sport, but also a passion with the power to transform a person into a whole different world, far away from everyday life. It's the perfect way to combine keeping fit and the pleasure of communing with an animal. Between the horse and its rider there forms a special bond, thanks to which one can experience happiness, harmony and, most of all, freedom...

Cracovia Arabians was founded in 2002 in a town called Maszyce, which lies near the royal city of Cracow. The location alone is to be considered unique, for the buildings and pasturage of the stud match the picturesque landscape of Ojców National Park.

For a long time our stud has been operating as a farm stud for Arabian and Malopolski horses. Having wonderful horses, picturesque and extensive area and a developed dining facilities at our disposal, we have decided to expand our services to offer you a new attraction. Currently, the stud offers both horse husbandry and broadly defined recreation.

We cordially invite you to acquaint yourselves with our offer.