Cracow is one of the most interesting and frequently visited cities of Poland. Our Guests have the opportunity to go on a sightseeing tour with a guide. You will be shown the main square, the surrounding streets and the Wawel royal castle. The Royal Road, which starts at St. Florian's Church and leads all the way up to the castle will win your hearts with the architectural wealth and diverse monuments. The oldest part of Cracow - the Old City - has remained unchanged up to this day. You are also welcome to visit the Jewish town - Kazimierz - with its numerous synagogues and monuments. Further back lies Kościuszko Mound, from which a great part of the city can be seen. Our Guests, aside from a lesson in Cracow's history, will also be able to visit some of the best local restaurants, coffee shops and pubs. With so many attractions at hand, everyone should be able to find something for themselves.