Since the beginning, the primary goal of the stud is Arabian and Malopolski horse husbandry. Pure blood Arabian horses are the quintessence of beauty and majesty. It's one of the basic races of warm-blooded horses. Their distinct qualities include sensitivity, intelligence and attachment to people.

Malopolski horses are not to be forgotten, especially for their riding attributes. They are characterized by their substantial stamina and elegance. Our work, and at the same time passion, is to contribute to keeping this race alive and to stop the plummeting count of its headage. In accordance with that, we are actively participating in the Programme for genetic resources conservation of Malopolski horses.

With the best possible results in mind, we take genetic material from known and highly regarded studs, such as Janów Podlaski and Michałów. Throughout the last 10 years we have bred approximately 50 foals by pairing off parents of impressive bloodlines.

Our stud takes part in championships organised by the Janów Podlaski stud and Stado Ogierów in Białka. We were also present at the I Championship in Warsaw for pure blood Arabian horses.